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Drop Date: 31/07/2023

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Brand: Nike

RRP: £ 99.95

Colourway: Black/White

Style Code: FJ9532-101

The Nike Tech Hera Black White shoes feature a combination of materials, including genuine suede, mesh, and rubber components. The layered upper design combines textile and mesh in black and white accents, creating a monochrome aesthetic. The shoes are designed to provide comfort and support, making them suitable for various activities.


Capturing the vibrant spirit of 2000s running fashion, the Tech Hera revitalizes the cherished chunky sneaker trend while tailoring itself to your distinct style inclinations. Uplifting your aesthetic, the gracefully undulating midsole and tasteful suede embellishments introduce an air of elegance that harmonizes seamlessly with unparalleled comfort.


Crafted to excel in enduring performance, its robust architecture effortlessly braves the rigors of daily use, establishing itself as the ultimate everyday companion. The harmonious fusion of textile upper and supple suede accents not only adds dimension but also imparts unwavering durability, while the bold chunky design subtly elevates your stance akin to a poised platform.



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