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Drop Date: 19/08/2023

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Style: adidas

RRP: £ 258

Colourway: Core Black/Cloud White/Real Green

Style Code: ID2402

The collaboration between No-Comply, Austin FC, and adidas results in the captivating “Home Kit” ID2402 Copa Premiere. This exceptional creation amalgamates local community engagement, skateboarding culture, and distinctive style, all showcased in the striking design of the ID2402 Copa Premiere. Rooted in the belief that skate shops are pivotal community players, No-Comply in Austin exemplifies an unwavering dedication to its community and historical heritage. This unexpected collaboration harmoniously merges inspiration from 1990s soccer cleats with the unique essence of a renowned shop and soccer club, seamlessly woven into a contemporary masterpiece.


Meticulously crafted from premium leather, the Copa Premiere boasts an exclusive No-Comply shop logo, embodying authenticity and innovation. Notably, the shoe features a groundbreaking semi-translucent green outsole optimized for optimal skateboarding performance. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this inventive design also prioritizes comfort, equipped with a lace closure, fabric lining, and overall ergonomic construction. The colour palette of Core Black, Cloud White, and Real Green, along with its tangible texture, imparts a sense of heritage blended seamlessly with avant-garde vibrancy.


The result is the imported No-Comply x Austin FC Copa Premiere – a testament to both resilience and style. This collaboration transcends mere footwear, encapsulating a shared vision that bridges gaps between different cultures and interests. The ID2402 Copa Premiere echoes the spirit of community, self-expression, and athletic prowess, symbolizing a harmonious fusion between the realms of skateboarding, soccer, and local identity.




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