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Drop Date: 18/09/2023

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Brand: Cloud 5

RRP: £ 130

Colourway: Stellar / Eclipse

Style Code: 59.98374

Dive into the celestial charm of the On Running Cloud 5 “Stellar Eclipse” 59-98374, where fashion-forward streetwear meets top-tier athletic performance. These sneakers strike the perfect balance between style and functionality, making them a must-consider option for anyone seeking comfort, durability, and performance in their footwear.


The Cloud 5 Stellar Eclipse features a captivating design that seems to draw inspiration from the mysteries of the cosmos. Its deep blue hues evoke the enchantment of a starry night sky. Despite its eye-catching appearance, this model stays true to On Running’s signature lightweight and aerodynamic silhouette, upholding the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of comfort and performance.


Notably, the Stellar Eclipse has become a sought-after choice among On Running enthusiasts. Since its debut, it has garnered a dedicated following among runners and sneaker enthusiasts, attaining remarkable popularity.


The color palette of this model is truly out of this world, blending deep blues and ultramarine with small white specks that resemble distant stars against a clear night sky. Even the laces feature the same celestial pattern as the exterior panels.


What sets the Cloud 5 Stellar Eclipse apart are its distinctive features. The upper is crafted from breathable mesh, ensuring both softness and durability. The traditional lacing system provides a secure fit, while the spacious toe box guarantees comfort during long runs.


Flipping the shoe over reveals a carefully engineered outsole equipped with On Running’s innovative CloudTec cushioning system. This system offers a soft landing and a solid takeoff, delivering an exceptional running experience. Additionally, high-grade rubber in the high-impact areas enhances the shoe’s reliability and longevity.


In summary, the On Running Cloud 5 Stellar Eclipse invites you to step into a world of celestial style and performance. It offers unbeatable comfort and support while keeping you firmly grounded in both fashion-forward streetwear and athletic prowess.



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