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Drop Date: 07/01/2023

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Style: ACS+ OG

RRP: £ 145.00

Colourway: Beige/Red/Pink

Style Code: L47287100

The Salomon ACS+ OG “Beige Pink” L47287100 from the ‘Archive Gold’ collection is a striking example of Salomon’s innovative approach to trail shoe design.


Key to the ACS+ OG’s design is its closed-mesh uppers, reinforced with synthetic overlays. This combination isn’t simply for aesthetic appeal; it’s a strategic choice ensuring durability while maintaining breathability.


At the heart of the ACS+ OG is the agile-chassis system, a nod to Salomon’s Alpine roots. This system is vital, ensuring a balanced and stable stride across uneven terrains. It’s not just about support; it’s about maintaining consistent and comfortable foot placement with each step.


The cushioned midsole is a central feature of this trainer, designed to provide essential support and comfort across different terrains. Whether navigating rocky paths or muddy trails, the midsole ensures a cushioned and responsive experience, absorbing impacts during extended runs.


Completing the ACS+ OG’s design is the lugged rubber outsole. More than just a standard outsole, it’s engineered for maximum grip and stability on unpredictable trails. The lug pattern is meticulously crafted to offer firm grip, ensuring confidence and safety on the most challenging terrains.


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