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Drop Date: 13/09/2023

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Brand: Clog

RRP: £ 100

Colourway: Lime Punch

Style Code: 209373-3TX

Introducing the Shrek x Crocs Classic Clog Lime Punch, identified by item number 209373-3TX, and available in the eye-catching Lime Punch hue. The highly anticipated arrival of these charmingly unconventional Classic Clogs celebrates the enduring popularity of the beloved ogre character, Shrek. Each meticulously crafted pair pays homage to Shrek’s distinctive features, from his iconic nose to securely affixed ears and his unmistakable green speckled skin. These playful clogs capture the essence of Shrek, offering both a touch of whimsy and remarkable comfort, thanks to a fuzzy back strap and the celebrated Iconic Crocs Comfort™.


Whether you’re navigating your own swamp or embarking on adventures akin to those in Duloc and beyond, these clogs ensure enduring comfort. They’re not just fun and comfortable, but also practical with pivoting heel straps for a secure fit, easy-clean maintenance, and the option to personalize them using Jibbitz™ charms. Discover the enchantment of the iconic Crocs Comfort™ experience with these lightweight, flexible clogs that envelop your feet in 360-degree comfort, making them the ideal choice for any expedition.


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