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Drop Date: 21/02/2024

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Style: Old Skool

RRP: £ 100.00

Colourway: Baritone Blue

Style Code: VN000CNGCIE

The Vans Old Skool 36 “Baritone Blue” VN000CNGCIE returns, featuring ‘Baritone Blue’ pig suede uppers, as part of the brand’s effort to rejuvenate its archival classics. Originating in 1977, this model was the first to display the iconic Sidestripe, a signature element that has become synonymous with Vans’ identity. The choice of pig suede for the uppers not only ensures durability but also offers a unique texture that enhances the overall appearance of the shoe.


The design includes off-white collar lining and laces, providing a contrast that highlights the richness of the blue suede. This combination adds a vintage flair to the sneaker, appealing to those who appreciate a nod to the past within their footwear choices. The inclusion of these elements is a deliberate choice, aimed at blending heritage with updates that cater to current preferences.


Functionality remains a priority, with the sneaker featuring waffled rubber soles for optimum grip and durability, crucial for daily activities. The heel boasts license plate branding, reinforcing the model’s place in Vans’ storied history. The construction, which pairs a leather upper with a synthetic sole, strikes the right balance between enduring wear and comfort, making the Vans Old Skool 36 “Baritone Blue” a solid choice for a wide range of occasions.


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