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Drop Date: 07/12/2023

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Style: Asics

RRP: £ 155.00

Colourway: White/Moonrock

Style Code: 1202A056-106

The WMNS Asics Gel Kayano 14 “White Moonrock” 1202A056-106 marks a significant evolution in the iconic running shoe series, introducing a late 2000s aesthetic while integrating modern materials and technology. This particular model is notable for being the first in the lineage not designed by the original creator, Toshikazu Kayano, signifying a new chapter in its development. The shoe maintains the series’ renowned midsole tooling, equipped with GEL technology to offer enhanced cushioning. Additionally, the design updates the fit of the upper, retaining the classic combination of layered leather and mesh construction from 2008, ensuring both comfort and breathability.


A key focus for this iteration is its environmental impact, with the sockliner produced using a solution dyeing process. This method significantly reduces water consumption by 33% and lowers carbon emissions by approximately 45%, reflecting a shift towards more sustainable production practices within the footwear industry. Such advancements underscore Asics’ commitment to innovation that not only advances performance but also prioritises ecological responsibility.


Designed to meet the demands of a modern lifestyle, the Gel Kayano 14 “White Moonrock” offers a versatile option for those seeking footwear that balances performance with environmental considerations. The combination of improved cushioning, a refined fit, and a commitment to sustainability makes this model a compelling selection for individuals who value functionality and responsible manufacturing in their choice of sneakers.


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