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Drop Date: 06/04/2024

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Style: InfinityRN 4

RRP: £ 154.99

Colourway: Vintage Green/Bicoastal/White/Light Armoury Blue

Style Code: HF5463-302

The WMNS Nike InfinityRN 4 “Vintage Green” HF5463-302 represents a notable advancement in running shoes, merging traditional comfort with the latest in innovation. It introduces the Nike ReactX foam, offering runners a 13% increase in energy return over the standard Nike React foam, improving performance while significantly reducing each midsole’s carbon footprint by at least 43%. This improvement in sustainability, validated by PRé Sustainability B.V. and Intertek China, demonstrates a commitment to reducing environmental impact without compromising on performance.


This iteration of the Nike InfinityRN 4 stands out for its enhanced environmental credentials and superior support and comfort. The updated Flyknit upper and expanded toe box ensure a fit that’s both stable and secure, enriching the running experience. The ReactX foam underfoot ensures the shoe remains supportive.


Cushioning is central to the InfinityRN 4, with the ReactX foam foundation offering a smooth run. This layer not only absorbs impact effectively but also helps lessen the effort required for each stride, allowing for extended runs with less fatigue.


The InfinityRN 4 also shines in terms of support, providing stability that works with the foot’s natural movement. The combination of support and cushioning, along with a curved outsole and a new internal Flyknit fit band, offers a secure feel and a natural foot transition, improving run efficiency and reducing energy loss.


The shoe’s responsiveness is noteworthy, with ReactX foam delivering an extra 13% energy return compared to earlier versions. This results in more bounce with each step, enabling quicker and more effortless runs.


Further features include a durable waffle outsole, an adjustable Flyknit tongue, and a foam collar, all contributing to lasting traction, fit customization, and a comfortable, supportive feel.


Featured in a Vintage Green/Bicoastal/White/Light Armoury Blue colour scheme, the WMNS Nike InfinityRN 4 “Vintage Green” showcases Nike’s focus on innovation, comfort, and sustainability, making it an ideal pick for runners seeking to improve their performance while favouring environmentally responsible choices.


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