The Best New Balance Sneakers to Wear for Extra Height

While some of us are naturally blessed with height, others need as much help as we can get. Over the years, being tall has been linked with your overall attractiveness and masculinity, and if you’re one of those people who say that you’re 6′ on your Tinder profile when you’re actually only 5′ 9″ (something that we definitely wouldn’t recommend doing), you’re going to need a bit of a boost before you meet that special someone in-person.

Luckily for you, New Balance offers a line of sneakers that combines style, comfort, and subtle elevation. The revered sportswear company, known for its emphasis on ergonomic design, has an array of models that not only provide exceptional support but also offer a slight increase in stature. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone seeking that additional height advantage without compromising on the classic aesthetics and athletic performance that the Boston-based brand is celebrated for. So let’s take a minute to explore some of the best New Balance trainers that will give you an extra few inches. Because size matters, right?

New Balance 550

The New Balance 550 is a classic silhouette that exudes retro basketball shoe charm while serving the modern day desire for a height boost. Originally released in the late ’80s, the 550 has resurfaced as a lifestyle staple that seamlessly transitions from hardwood to streetwear. With its solid rubber outsole and a substantial midsole, the 550 typically offers an elevation of around 1 to 1.5 inches (approximately 2.5 to 3.8 cm), depending on the specific version and material composition.

In terms of style, the 550’s sleek and understated aesthetic makes it very versatile, capable of complementing a variety of outfits while offering that slight lift. The layered construction, prominent midsole, and classic New Balance branding all contribute to a design that is both nostalgic and fashion-forward.

New Balance 530

The New Balance 530 is a throwback to the ’90s running shoe aesthetic, offering comfort and a modest increase in height with its chunky, ABZORB-cushioned sole. This model, which nods to the dad sneaker trend, typically grants the wearer an uplift of about 1.5 inches (approximately 3.8 cm), thanks to its elevated heel design. The ABZORB technology not only contributes to the height enhancement but also ensures that each step is absorbed with maximum comfort, making the 530 a favorite for both height-seekers and those after a shoe that can handle all-day wear.

Style-wise, the New Balance 530’s bulkier profile is pretty trendy at the moment, appealing to anyone looking to make a statement with their footwear while gaining an extra inch or so. The combination of mesh and synthetic materials used in the upper provides a durable yet breathable shoe, suitable for various activities.

New Balance 327

The New Balance 327 model is a modern classic, inspired by the brand’s 1970s heritage running shoes. It boasts a sleek silhouette with an oversized, studded outsole that not only delivers a distinctive aesthetic but also adds a subtle height increase. The elevation from the 327’s sole is modest, typically offering an additional height of around 0.75 inches (approximately 1.9 cm). This is less about towering over the competition and more about giving just a slight lift while maintaining a streamlined look.

Despite its vintage roots, the New Balance 327 is infused with contemporary style, making it a hit for fashion enthusiasts and sneakerheads alike. Its lateral logo, extended toward the heel, and the array of available colours make it a statement piece that doesn’t compromise on comfort. The 327’s lightweight construction and breathable materials ensure that it’s as well-suited for a casual stroll as it is for a more active day.

New Balance 9060

The New Balance 9060 is an intriguing addition to the brand’s lineup, drawing influence from the 99x series and reinterpreting classic designs with a fresh, bulky aesthetic. The 9060’s chunky sole is not just a style statement; it provides a noticeable height boost. Wearing a pair of 9060s can add approximately 1.5 inches (about 3.8 cm) of height, thanks to its substantial midsole.

This model is the epitome of the dad shoe trend with a contemporary twist, combining comfort with a fashion-forward appearance. It’s a shoe that balances a retro feel with futuristic elements.

New Balance 2002R

The New Balance 2002R, a revamp of the classic 2002 model, carries a rich legacy of comfort and style into the modern sneaker scene. This silhouette retains the commitment to quality and performance while adapting to the contemporary demand for sneakers that can offer both style and a slight lift in stature. Wearing the New Balance 2002R can provide an elevation of about 1.2 inches (3 cm), courtesy of its robust midsole construction.

Designed with the meticulous craftsmanship expected from New Balance, the 2002R is equipped with a N-Ergy outsole, providing superior shock absorption and energy return. Its construction is a seamless blend of functionality and fashion, ensuring that the additional height does not compromise the shoe’s comfort and durability.

New Balance 574

The New Balance 574 stands out as a favourite among the company’s range, celebrated for its timeless style and cosiness. This model delivers a slight elevation in stature, usually close to 0.75 inches (roughly 2 cm), courtesy of its traditional EVA foam midsole.

Balancing retro style with modern needs, the 574’s design is as versatile as it is comfortable. Its relatively low-profile midsole doesn’t create a dramatic increase in height but does provide enough elevation to make a subtle difference.

The Bottom Line

With its chunky midsoles, there are plenty of New Balance sneakers out there than can offer some extra height. From the court-inspired 550 to the legendary 2002R, each model brings its own degree of elevation to the table, ensure the perfect balance of style and comfort as well as a few of those all-important inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much height can the New Balance 550 add?

The New Balance 550 typically adds about an inch of height, thanks to its solid midsole.

Are New Balance shoes good for all-day wear?

Indeed, New Balance shoes boast a reputation for their supportive cushioning and comfortable fit, making them suitable for wearing throughout the day.

Which New Balance model provides the most height?

The New Balance 9060 is among the models that offer a significant height increase, with a chunkier sole that adds more elevation than the classic designs.

Can I wear New Balance sneakers for sports and outdoor activities?

For optimal performance and support during sports or outdoor activities, choose a New Balance model specifically designed for these purposes, rather than lifestyle-inspired sneakers like the 550.

Do New Balance sneakers come in different widths?

Yes, New Balance offers a range of widths to suit different foot shapes, ensuring that both wide and narrow feet enjoy a comfortable fit.