The Nike Dunk Low “Bacon” is a Tasty Throwback

Emerging from the shadows of yesteryears, it looks like Nike is bringing the classic AM90 Bacon colourway to the Dunk Low!

Let’s rewind to the past when in 2004, the world was graced by the Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon,” a brainchild of Dave Ortiz in cahoots with DQM. This iconic design bore a colour palette reminiscent of crispy bacon slices. Now, amidst the wave of nostalgia, Nike has stirred this flavour back into the sneaker cauldron, splashing it onto none other than the trend-defining Dunk Low.

The choice of Dunk Low as a canvas is intriguing. Known for its myriad of colours and designs, the Dunk Low silhouette stands out, yet the “Bacon” rendition offers something subtly familiar. It beckons memories of the “Gym Red,” “Varsity Red “UNLV,” and “St. John’s” – all bearing semblance in their chromatic compositions. Yet, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

It’s a Material World

The Nike Dunk Low “Bacon” doesn’t just mimic its Air Max 90 predecessor. The women’s exclusive Dunk Low is built with a white tumbled leather base, juxtaposed with radiant red suede overlays, painting a vibrant picture. Peeking through, are strokes of bacon-inspired pink hues on the panel swooshes, caressing the mesh tongue and elegantly debossed Nike heel logo. A trace of earthy brown graces the suede heel and the diligently stitched tongue tag patch. Moreover, the sporadic infusion of red within the insoles and a tan embrace on the lining create a nuanced dance of shades.

From the vaults of Dave Ortiz’s imagination, where bacon wasn’t just for breakfast but a muse for design, we observed the marriage of pork-coloured shades; the reds, browns, and pinks elegantly waltzing on the Air Max 90. The pink pig shades teasing the Swoosh and tongue, coupled with the brown serenading the heel and sole, create a visual story. The light tan whispering tales of the past as it cradles the interior and the laces beautifully ties this narrative together.

In conclusion, the Dunk Low, adorned with the “Bacon” hue, isn’t just a sneaker; it’s a bridge. A bridge between eras, designs, and sensibilities. For those who were there when Dave Ortiz first unveiled his bacon-inspired masterpiece, this is a reunion. And for the new aficionados? An introduction to a legacy. So, while the hue might echo other Dunk Low iterations, its essence is irreplaceably unique.

The “Bacon” colourway doesn’t just stand on a white midsole and dark brown outsole; it stands on history and a favorite colour tone for everyone. Be sure to watch for its Holiday 2023 release and stay connected with Captain Creps for the best chance to get your preferred size.

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