The Quest for Crease-Free Trainers – Which Pairs Don’t Crease

There’s nothing worse than buying a fresh pair of sneakers only for them to crease over time. It’s extremely annoying and very disheartening. There are plenty of ways to remove them, but if you just want a pair in your rotation that just won’t crease at all, then you’ve come to the right place. So let’s get to it!

What Type of Trainers Don’t Crease?

Creases are a natural occurrence when it comes to sneakers, especially when you’re wearing them all day, everyday. However, with the introduction of innovative materials, there are a lot of footwear options out there that are either crease-resistant or don’t crease at all. What sets these pairs apart from the others is the type of materials that they use. Usually, trainers with a more structured and rigid toe box are less likely to crease, since they offer better protection against bending.

What Causes Your Trainers to Crease?

Before we go too in-depth, it’s vital to understand what factors play into creating these unsightly creases. One of the primary factors is the repetitive bending of the toebox while walking or running. This constant motion stresses the material, resulting in creases over time. Additionally, ill-fitting trainers or improper lacing can add to this. Wearing your shoes a certain way can also contribute to creasing. If they’re too tight, this can intensify it, but wearing them too loose may also lead to the upper folding in an awkward position.

What Materials in Trainers Don’t Crease?

To minimise creases effectively, we must focus on materials that exhibit superior resistance to folding. Big name manufacturers like Adidas, New Balance, and Nike have been diligently experimenting with innovative fabrics and technologies to keep creases at bay. Currently, the introduction of Flyknit, Primeknit, fabric, and mesh materials have revolutionised trainers, not only in being lightweight, but also in preventing creases:

  1. Knit Uppers: Engineered knit uppers are designed to offer a sock-like fit, flexing along with your foot’s movement.
  2. High-Quality Leather: Although leather is the most well-known material to crease, premium grain maintains its structure better than synthetic leather over time. A good example of this is what Nike did to its iconic Air Force 1 as they were able to minimise creasing through the introduction of the AF1 “Fresh.” This variation features a softer and less supple textured leather, which is designed to be resistant to creasing compared to the regular AF1.
  3. Suede: Out of all the materials commonly used in sneakers, suedes avoids creasing the most. Evident in most New Balance trainers, the use of suede and mesh materials can be one of the most effective crease-resistant uppers.
  4. Canvas: The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is a very good example of how canvas trainers can resist creasing. The heavy construction of the fabric together with its material properties helps to minimise them and make them easier to remove.

What Are the Best Trainers That Look Good But Don’t Crease?

Now it’s time to explore a handpicked selection of some of the best crease-free trainers that effortlessly combine style and functionality. These choices will have you walking in confidence without any worry of creases hindering your style.

  1. New Balance 990: An all-time staple in the New Balance collection, the 990 series’ suede and mesh construction keeps creases at bay without compromising on the athleisure look.
  2. COMME des GARÇONS x Converse Chuck 70: A playful spin to the classic Chuck 70, this collaboration with CDG will turn heads while providing a durable and timeless pair.
  3. Nike Air Force 1 “Fresh”: Specifically designed to resist creases, the “Fresh” hides creases through its more premium softer leather when compared to regular AF1s.
  4. Adidas Gazelle: A good and cheaper alternative to the famous Sambas, the Gazelle rocks an all-suede upper which helps in maintaining the shape of these shoes.
  5. Nike Air Vapormax: Made from Flyknit, the Vapormax has a stretchy upper that can move freely together with the movements of your foot, making them the perfect sneaker for added comfort while maintaining a crease-free look.

The Bottom Line

In the quest of finding crease-free trainers, we have discussed the common reasons for creasing and the materials to look for to keep your sneakers looking pristine. By finding the right type of upper that works for you, you may be able to rock the pair you want every single day without worrying about the folds.

Nowadays, innovative technologies have allowed footwear to be more crease-resistant than they were before. Add to that the availability of crease guards, there are so many options out there for you to keep your pair looking boxfresh!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I prevent creases in my trainers completely?

While it’s challenging to prevent creasing entirely, choosing the right materials and sizing can significantly minimise their appearance.

What are some tips for maintaining crease-free trainers?

Avoid excessive bending, find the right materials, ensure proper sizing, clean your trainers regularly, and store them in a cool, dry place to maintain their pristine appearance.

Are there any crease-resistant sneaker technologies on the horizon?

Sneaker brands continue to invest in research and development to enhance crease resistance in their products, so keep an eye out for innovative technologies in the future.