What adidas shoes look most similar to Yeezy?

In the ever-evolving world of sneakers, there are very few collaborations out there that have sparked as much hype, excitement, and debate quite like adidas and Kanye West’s Yeezy. Known for its avant-garde designs and futuristic aesthetics, some have even compared its cultural impact to Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan partnership from 1985. And while this is definitely a controversial view, you just can’t question the sheer influence that the American rapper and record producer has had on the industry over the past ten years.

However, with the recent split between adidas and Ye following a series of anti semitic and racist remarks that he made on social media, the era of Yeezys has officially come to an end. So in this article, we’ll be delving through some of the greatest Yeezy-inspired designs that you can buy now from adidas. Let’s get to it.

adidas Ozweego (Yeezy 500)

Even though the adidas Ozweego came out before the Yeezy 500, without Ye’s version, the “ugly” trainer trend definitely wouldn’t be as popular as it is today. Featuring a chunky, layered design, the textured upper and bulky sole are both reminiscent of Kanye’s Desert Rat model. In fact, both pairs even feature the same adiPRENE midsole technology that was originally designed for basketball use.

adidas Adifom SLTN (Yeezy Boost 700)

The adidas Adifom SLTN takes heavy inspiration from the Yeezy Boost 700, more specifically, the V1 iteration. With its sleek design and comfortable build, the Adifom SLTN echoes the iconic Yeezy aesthetic. Its attention to detail, from the upper’s texture to the cushioning technology, ensures a comparable experience to the 700. So if you miss this model dearly, this is the ultimate alternative.

adidas Oznova (Yeezy 700 V2)

If the 700 V1 paved the way for the Adifom SLTN, the Yeezy 700 V2 is definitely the predecessor to the adidas Oznova. Featuring a head-turning layered design, this silhouette boasts a multi-textured upper, reminiscent of the 700 V2’s Primeknit construction. The Oznova’s cushioning technology ensures a similar walking experience, making it a desirable substitute.

adidas Ozrah (Yeezy 700 V3)

As well as the V1 and the V2, adidas also engineered the perfect Yeezy 700 V3 replacement with the adidas Ozrah. Seriously futuristic, it maintains a similar aesthetic with its fluid lines and a somewhat alien-like structure. The unique lacing system and the supportive midsole echo the innovative spirit of the West’s model, and all of this is coupled with a super-breathable upper that’s made for all-day wear.

adidas Adifom Q (Yeezy Foam Runner)

The adidas Adifom Q closely resembles the Yeezy Foam Runner in both form and function. Like the Foam Runner, the Adifom Q is characterised by its unorthodox, almost sculptural design. The silhouette is marked by its fluid, organic lines and an aerodynamic shape, much like the Foam Runner’s distinctive profile. Crafted for comfort and breathability, the Adifom Q employs a similar approach to construction, using lightweight materials that provide a soft, cushioned feel.

adidas Adilette 22 (Yeezy Slide)

And last but not least, we have to talk about the adidas Adilette 22 and its resemblance to the ever-popular Yeezy Slide. Sculpted with the same minimalist, contemporary vibe, it’s simple and sophisticated at the same time. The Adilette 22 focuses on comfort and functionality, with a supportive sole that contours to the foot’s natural shape, similar to the Slides’ ergonomic design.

The Bottom Line

The Yeezy dynasty is over, and as adidas continues to sell the rest of its remaining inventory, its days are officially numbered. With that said, Adidas has crafted a lineup that echoes the Yeezy style but also stands out on its own.

For those who love the Kanye West’s signature aesthetic but want even more colourways and even better prices, these picks are just the ticket. From the classic Ozweego to the contemporary Adifom Q, there’s something for every taste and budget. And best of all, you won’t have to queue for hours and hours just to secure your size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these adidas shoes come in Yeezy-like colors?

They’ve got their own color styles, but you might find some shades that remind you of Yeezy colors.

Will these adidas feel as comfy as Yeezys?

They’re made for comfort, though how they feel might vary a bit from one style to another.

Are these adidas shoes cheaper than Yeezys?

Yep, they’re usually easier on the wallet, making them a great choice for more people.

Could these adidas become collectors’ items like Yeezys?

They might not reach the same fame, but some could turn into favorites among sneaker fans.

Where can I grab these adidas alternatives?

Check out Adidas shops, their online site, and other sneaker retailers.