Why Are ASICS So Comfortable?

ASICS are slowly but surely becoming one of the most hyped sneaker brands out there. While there are a number of companies that tower over the Japanese sportswear label in terms of revenue and sheer size, more and more trainers fans are choosing them over big names like Nike and Adidas. And there’s really no questioning why.

From the GEL-Lyte 3 to the GEL-Kayano 14, at some point you’ve definitely considered ASICS. From their old school aesthetics to their hyped collaborations, one thing that sets this brand apart from the rest is just how you can wear these trainers all-day, everyday. So, before you cop, let’s find out what exactly makes ASICS sneakers so comfortable to wear!

What Make ASICS Cushioning Technology So Good?

We’ve covered everything from their sizing to their history, but now we’ll be talking a bit about ASICS technology. With so many innovations to choose from, we’ve hand selected the best ones out there:


GEL that can be found in many of ASICS’ most popular products. Introduced in 1986, this technology is deployed in numerous ways and can be found in different areas of the shoe. Some ASICS have small pockets of GEL towards the heel, whereas others may have GEL fitted into the construction itself.

GEL helps to make these trainers more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, even while engaging in the most intense of sporting activities. It’s extremely flexible, meaning that it can shape around the wearer’s foot. This flexibility also means that GEL will snap back to its original form when pressure is removed, giving the wearer a little boost.

Rearfoot GEL

Some ASICS sneakers apply GEL to the rear area of the shoe, where the heel is supported. The is the area of the feet that faces the brunt of each step. Thus, in order to reduce strain while running, the heels are lined with a lot of thick GEL padding that quickly absorb any shock. 

Forefoot GEL

ASICS that make use of forefoot gel are able to offer far more comfort while running. This helps to reduce the shock that can arise from forward striding movements. It can also provide additional support for your toes as you push off of the ground and move forward.


FLYTEFOAM is also an extremely popular ASICS technology. Essentially, it’s a specialised foam that is built directly into the soles of the shoes. Unlike anything else out there, it contains thousands of tiny air pockets that help to make the foam incredibly lightweight.

These pockets also allow the soles of the shoes to be more comfortable than ever, as they can easily shape around the wearer’s feet and flex around as the wearer runs.


DUOMAX is only available in a limited number of ASICS trainers, but it really helps to make running feel effortless. 

The technology takes the form of a dual-density midsole, which specially adjusts to the dynamic motion of your own stride. This allows you to establish a speed and then stick to it, so you can keep up a stable pace while engaging in intense sports.

Research & Development

As part of ASICS’ R&D, the company invites professional athletes and designers to help consult on the production process. Here, they can offer their valuable input and make the sneakers even better. 

The design of ASICS silhouettes focuses on providing relief to specific sections of the feet, so that people with specific needs can find the perfect shoes for them. ASICS also only make use of materials that can offer the best support and stability while still being flexible. This helps to make the shoes comfortable to wear while engaging in sports, or even simply going for a walk, or standing totally still.

The Bottom Line

As you can now see, ASICS are so comfortable thanks to the many innovative technologies that are built into them. They’re also crafted from industry-leading materials and fabrics too. So, if you’ve been on the fence about picking up a pair, we hope this guide has helped you make an informed decision.