Are Nike Air Max Shoes Good For Walking In? (Complete Guide)

Are you looking for a shoe that is both fashionable and good for walking? Look no further! Nike Air Max shoes are definitely good for walking for many different reasons. 

If you want to find out more about the benefits of Nike Air Max shoes, then look no further! This article will tell you everything there is to know about Air Max, including whether they are good for walking in. 

What Are Nike Air Max?

Nike Air Max is a very popular line of shoes produced by Nike. These shoes have been around since 1987 when the Nike Air Max 1 was originally released. 

These shoes are different from other shoes because of their midsoles. Air Max sneakers contain flexible pouches which are filled with a pressurised gas that is visible from the outside of the shoe. These pouches are there in order to provide support and comfort to the underfoot. 

Tinker Hatfield alongside Marion Frank Rudy, were the brainchild of the Nike Air Max. With Hatfield originally working designing stores for Nike and Marion Frank Rudy originally working as an aeronautical engineer for NASA.

Are Nike Air Max Shoes Good For Walking in?

Nike Air Max are very good shoes for walking for many different reasons. Read on to find out why! 

If you are walking on rough surfaces, then Air Max shoes are great. This is because the midsole on this shoe makes them perfect for walking on difficult terrain. It will support your feet, preventing foot pain when walking on these surfaces.

1. Padding

Nike Air Max shoes have excellent padding to support your feet when you are walking. The sufficient padding in the shoes helps to ensure that your feet are in good form when you are walking. 

While these shoes have great padding for walking, they do not have sturdy air pockets to support your feet when you are doing rough sports. Despite this, they are very good for walking. 

2. Arch Support

Nike Air Max shoes have very good arch support. As a shoe, they are very well known for the superior arch support that they provide. If you have arched feet then your feet will be super supported and feel completely comfortable in these shoes.

For those with flat feet, this may not be perfect for you, but for those with arched feet, they’re definitely perfect to walk in.

3. Soles Mould To The Shape Of Your Feet 

The soles on Air Max shoes mould to the shape of your feet. The sole on these shoes is low at the front and high at the back. This allows the sole to mould to the shape of your feet when you walk because it creates muscle memory for your feet. 

Over time, these shoes will become super comfortable to wear and to walk in as they will mould to the shape of your feet.

4. Durable 

Another reason why Nike Air Max shoes are great for walking is that they are super durable. They are known for their durability, and they will last for many years if they are taken care of. 

This means that Nike Air Max shoes can withstand a lot of walking without being worn down. They will last for a very long time (for more information about the longevity of Nike shoes, read here).

However if the bubble on you air max does burst you may want to check out our article on What Can I Do If My Nike Air Max Bubble Pops?

How To Make The Most Of Nike Air Max?

There are a few things that you will need to ensure if you want to make the most of your Nike Air Max shoes. They will be much better for walking if you follow this guide. 


The fit of these shoes is very important. You must ensure that these shoes are the correct fit for your foot. If you have shoes that are too loose or too tight, then this may ruin the comfort of your shoe. 

Everyone has had the awful experience of wearing shoes that don’t fit. The pain of this is sure to overwhelm you, making these shoes very bad for walking! If you have these shoes in the right size and fit, then you will find them very comfortable for walking in. 

Shape Of Foot 

Nike Air Max shoes are much more comfortable for those with arched feet. This is because the sole is designed to fit these feet. Those with flat feet may find these shoes less comfortable because the shoes are not designed for flat feet.


Certain Nike Air Max shoes have better grip than others. If you are hoping to do a lot of walking in these shoes on wet or smooth surfaces then you will need to ensure that you purchase Air Max shoes with good grip.

This will stop you from slipping over when you are walking in these shoes. 

Are Nike Air Max 90s Good For Walking in?

Nike Air Max 90 are fantastic for walking in. These shoes have fantastic cushioning that supports your feet, and they also have features that promote traction because of the thickness of the outsole. 

These shoes also have fantastic grip, whether you are walking on smooth surfaces or wet surfaces. This means that they are great for walking in almost any condition and on any terrain. 

These shoes are also great because they will last a very long time. They have a strong platform that is made from rubber. This means that these shoes are not prone to the same wear and tear as other shoes. 

It is not only the outsole that is made of strong material, the midsole is also very thick. This part of the sole makes the shoe shock absorbent. This means that not only can you walk, you can also comfortably jump in these shoes! For further reading on this topic we recommend you check out our article on Are Nike Air Max 90’s Actually Good For Running In?

Final Thoughts

Nike Air Max shoes are very good for walking in! If you’re looking for a classic selection of sneakers that are well respected in the sneaker community, that are comfortable and supportive to walk in, then this is the shoe for you! We recommend shopping the latest Air Max at the Nike site.

You will need to ensure that the shoe fits well and suits your foot shape in order to get the most comfort from Nike Air Max. You will also need consider a lot of options as comfort and fit is subjective will differ considerably differ depending on which you go for.

If you’re new to Nike Air Max, we would recommend sticking to classic and shopping either, Air Max 1, Air Max 90 or Air Max 95.