Air Jordan 36

In 2021, the Air Jordan 36 was introduced as the 36th entry in the revered Michael Jordan signature sneaker line, celebrated as a triumphant athlete-specific shoe collection in history. The creative force behind this installment, once again, was Tate Kuerbis, who aspired to blend forward-thinking innovation with a nostalgic salute.

The Air Jordan 36 focused prominently on achieving a lightweight form, a continuation of the precedent set by previous Kuerbis-designed Air Jordan iterations. This pursuit of weight reduction encompassed not only the choice of materials but also the introduction of novel upper technology, enabling light to permeate the shoe. The objective was clear: craft the lightest possible shoe for superior performance on the basketball court.

While pushing the boundaries of innovation, the Air Jordan 36 paid homage to its lineage. Drawing inspiration from the timeless Air Jordan 6, it incorporated design elements like the distinctive wing on the heel and a lace cover reminiscent of the classic silhouette. This fusion of historical and futuristic design elements endowed the Air Jordan 36 with a dual identity, rendering it both versatile and performance-driven.

A remarkable moment in the Air Jordan 36’s journey occurred during the 2020-21 NBA Playoffs when Jayson Tatum sported it during a game against the Brooklyn Nets.

Beneath its visually striking exterior, the Air Jordan 36 boasted a construction that included a full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit, strategically positioned to reduce weight and enhance responsiveness. Furthermore, it offered stability through a high collar and top eyelets, catering to the demands of agile players like Tatum.

The multidirectional outsole pattern ensured exceptional stop-and-go traction for players relying on quick movements, while the dynamic, flexible tongue contributed to comfort and alleviated lace pressure.

To sum it up, the Air Jordan 36 masterfully melded contemporary innovation with a respectful nod to its heritage, solidifying its status as a versatile and high-performance basketball shoe, cherished by players such as Jayson Tatum for its featherweight sensation, striking aesthetics, and on-court prowess.

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