Calm Slide

The Nike Calm Slide design features a simple open-toe style crafted from one-piece EVA foam material, accentuated by a small Swoosh logo on the strap.

Unveiled with four colour choices at the beginning of 2023 as part of their Summer releases, the Calm Slides present a conventional visual design focused on comfort and ease. Notably, the outsole tackles the issue of slipping associated with foam constructions. It incorporates a notched perimeter and patterned lines to enhance traction, providing a practical touch to the otherwise straightforward design—ideal for those seeking quality summer slides.

The Calm Slide boasts a comfortable cushioned footbed, including heel and ball support, along with a sturdy midsole for extra reinforcement. The seamless, single-piece design adds a touch of timelessness and sophistication to the relaxed silhouette. While the YEEZY Slide and Nike Calm exhibit similarities, differences include branding, interior traction, and distinctive outsole patterns. The latter pays homage to the Air Jordan 1’s heritage.

While some liken the design to imitating existing concepts, it’s important to consider the challenge of innovation within a tried-and-true slide silhouette. Despite these considerations, Nike’s history of creativity—seen in products like the Jordan Hex Mule—justifies the brand’s focus on comfort and incremental enhancements.

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