Nike introduces the Be-Do-Win, a formal and environmentally conscious footwear offering, by revisiting an obscure design from its historical archives and giving it a contemporary, casual twist.

Renowned for its trailblazing innovations and boundary-pushing concepts, Nike occasionally amalgamates these elements to produce distinctive products. In 1982, the Oregon-based brand aimed to extend its athletic advancements into other spheres and unveiled the Air-Leisure collection. This lineup encompassed five distinct models, featuring soles inspired by Bill Bowerman’s iconic Waffle design, aptly named Octowaffle, and an inventive full Air unit combined with an upper reminiscent of classic moccasins.

Although the Bedouin and Vagabond models from the Air-Leisure series held significant allure as products, they did not garner the attention they deserved among a customer base seeking more impactful offerings. Nevertheless, the underlying concept continued to resonate with numerous creators and designers. Over time, these concepts were resurrected in maritime footwear designs, integrated with Nike technology in Cole Haan shoes, and released as limited editions like the HTM Octopus, a collaboration between Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Parker, and Mark Parker, along with the Wingtip created in partnership with Tom Sachs.

Fast-forward four decades, and the Bedouin design reemerges, adapting to contemporary trends with a renewed vibrancy in colour and a moniker changed to BE-DO-WIN. The name encapsulates the underlying message:

“BE conscious of climate change,

DO take action against climate change, and

WIN the battle to prevent climate change.”

Beyond the nomenclature, the synthetic upper, cork insole, and midsole constructed from fragments collectively invite wearers to participate in a larger, environmentally conscious movement.

Check out the latest and hottest Nike BE-DO-WIN colourways below:

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