React Vision

In 2017, Nike transformed footwear cushioning with athlete collaboration, laying the groundwork for the beloved Nike React running shoe line.

Nike React Vision is a prevalent foam cushioning technology found in Nike’s running shoes. Nike aimed to design a shoe meeting runners’ needs, addressing cushioning, energy return, and durability while keeping them lightweight.

Engineers, both mechanical and chemical, joined forces to create the foam cushion. In 2017, the foam underwent trials with basketball players, spanning over 2,000 hours. It emerged as a durable option for runners.

Named “Nike React” for its foot-responsive properties, it stood out for being lighter and more dynamic than other Nike foams. The debut running shoe featuring this foam underwent testing with runners, covering over 17,000 miles collectively. The outcome? Runners felt a heightened desire to run due to Nike React.

Today, Nike React remains a top-selling running shoe, cherished for its foam’s ability to adapt to foot patterns, potentially reducing injuries during workouts and runs.

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