Waffle Debut

The Origin of the Waffle Outsole

Back in 1971, one of Nike’s co-founders, Bill Bowerman, had a moment of inspiration while observing his wife, Barbara, using a waffle iron to prepare breakfast. That moment led him to replace batter with rubber, resulting in the birth of the Waffle outsole. This innovation not only offers exceptional traction, durability, and the distinctive style synonymous with Nike but also underscores the notion that greatness can emerge from everyday experiences. As a testament to its significance, that same waffle iron, once old and neglected, now holds a place of honor at Nike World Headquarters.

A Fusion of Retro and Modern

Waffle Debut a retro concept and infuse it with contemporary flair, drawing inspiration from the classic Nike Daybreak. The pairing of era-evoking suede and nylon in complementary shades exudes a sense of style. Additionally, the updated wedge midsole provides an extra boost in height. With its combination of style, comfort, and the iconic Waffle outsole, these sneakers are an ideal addition to your daily wardrobe rotation.

Key Advantages:

  • The Swoosh design gracefully extends around the heel, creating a pull tab that adds both visual appeal and practical convenience.
  • Elevated foam midsoles not only enhance your stature but also ensure comfort throughout the day.
  • Delicate suede overlays pay homage to vintage materials, while durable textile underlays contribute to longevity.
  • The rubber Waffle outsole offers dependable traction and embodies heritage aesthetics.

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