Zoom Freak 3

Giannis possesses an extraordinary blend of immense power and remarkable versatility. His capability to excel in various positions renders him a formidable challenge to defend and exceedingly difficult to halt. The Zoom Freak 3 amplifies Giannis’s capacity to establish space through his lengthy strides and deceptive Euro-step. While propelling towards the rim, the sculpted midfoot strap and external overlay ensure lateral stability, while the multi-directional traction contributes to maintaining control.

Driving Momentum:

The lightweight molded midsole features hollowed sections beneath the forefoot, accommodating two strategically positioned Zoom Air units. This design enables the Zoom units to compress under load and subsequently expand, facilitating the restitution of energy.

Precision from Above:

Crafted from durable and flexible TPU, a molded hook-and-loop strap envelops the lower laces. By securing you over the cushioning, it curbs internal foot movement, enhancing overall stability.

Enhanced Stability in the Euro-Step:

An external element constructed from lightweight and resilient TPU is seamlessly integrated into the outer-side midsole. This feature plays a pivotal role in maintaining foot stability over the footbed during rapid lateral transitions.

Traction for Fluid Movement:

The outsole is designed with a computer-generated pattern resembling a topographical map, skillfully optimizing ground contact for multidirectional traction.

Additional Advantages:

Perforations in the foam beneath the toe and heel contribute to reducing the shoe’s overall weight. Molded grooves on the rubber outsole augment the shoe’s flexibility.

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