Does the Jordan Max Aura 5 Fit True To Size? Guide & In-Depth Review

Jordan Brand‘s been around for almost four decades years now, and along the way, it’s dropped some truly iconic sneakers like the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Jordan 4. While these have all been primarily designed for basketball use, silhouettes such as the Jordan Max Aura 5 are specifically engineered for lifestyle wear. It combines the best of both worlds, fusing hardwood aesthetics with everyday versatility.

If you’re thinking of adding the Jordan Max Aura 5 to your collection, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, not only will we be talking about sizing, we’ll also explore the shoe’s key features, and answering some frequently asked questions as well. So, let’s dive in!

How Does the Jordan Max Aura 5 Fit?

When you’re thinking of copping the Jordan Max Aura 5, you’re probably wondering how it fits. Generally speaking this trainer fits true to size, offering a snug experience that comfortable caters for a broad spectrum of foot shapes. The magic lies in its breathable design, crafted from a mix of durable leather and textiles. This ensures your feet stay cool and comfy no matter what you get up to.

As always, we’d recommend that you try these on in-store first before purchasing. There’s nothing worse than ordering a pair of sneakers online, waiting for them to finally arrive, and being disappointed.

What is the Jordan Max Aura 5 Good For?

Not just confined to basketball courts, the design and build of the JMA5 caters to a broad spectrum of uses. Its durable construction, paired with comfort-driven features like Air cushioning, positions it as a solid choice for everyday wear, light sports, and much more.

Its styling versatility is another highlight, seamlessly fitting into a range of outfit choices. Whether you’re looking for a casual day-to-day shoe or something to support you through your workout sessions, it’s more than ready to meet all your needs.

What are Some Key Features of the Jordan Max Aura 5?

As you may have already guessed, the Jordan Max Aura 5 is actually inspired by the Air Jordan 3. It’s built from the same hard-wearing leather and textiles, making it ideal for those always on the go. Its key feature is the aforementioned Air cushioning in the heel, designed to provide both comfort and support throughout the day.

These kicks also include a robust plastic frame across the entire upper for added support and stability, ensuring it withstands daily wear and tear.

The Bottom Line

Summing up, the Jordan Max Aura 5 stands out for those looking for comfort, style, and versatility. It fits true to size, catering well to various foot shapes and offering adequate support for both narrow and some wider feet.

The shoe’s comfort is notably high, thanks to Nike‘s critically acclaimed Air cushioning, making it suitable for daily wear and light sports. The break-in period is minimal, allowing for immediate comfort from the first wear. Overall, the JMA5 is a practical choice for everyday use, offering a blend of functionality and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Jordan Max Aura 5 for running?

The Jordan Max Aura 5 provides substantial cushioning and support, making them comfortable for light jogging or casual running. However, for dedicated runners seeking shoes for intensive training or long distances, it’s advisable to consider footwear specifically designed for running.

Is the Jordan Max Aura 5 true to size?

Yes, they generally fit true to size, making them a reliable choice for most, with room adjustments for wider feet.

How often should I clean the Jordan Max Aura 5?

Clean bi-weekly for regular wear or monthly for occasional use, adjusting based on condition and usage.

How do I prevent creases on the Jordan Max Aura 5?

To minimise creasing, avoid bending your feet excessively while wearing them and store the sneakers with shoe trees or stuffed with soft material when not in use. Additionally, rotating your shoes regularly can help prevent creases from forming due to constant wear.