New Balance’s ABZORB Cushioning: Everything Your Need to Know

For every consumer passionate about trainers, a big factor lies in comfort and cushioning. The design attracts attention, but the cushioning mechanism determines its real value. With a plethora of pioneering features, New Balance‘s ABZORB cushioning technology emerges prominently.

In an industry buzzing with “next-gen cushioning” labels, how does ABZORB differentiate itself? In this article, we will discuss details that make New Balance’s ABZORB Cushioning one of a kind.

What exactly is New Balance’s ABZORB Cushioning?

It’s not merely a cushioning element; it’s a sensation. Meticulously formulated with a specific mix of foam and rubber, the core purpose of ABZORB is clear: offering unparalleled protection and comfort from the stresses of footfalls. For the athletic crowd, this implies diminished weariness and amplified on-field output.

While numerous brands have vied for the ideal cushioning concoction, New Balance’s ABZORB Cushioning achieves this equilibrium perfectly. Beyond the obvious connotations of its name, it does more than just absorb. It bounces back energy making every step comfortable.

History Behind the ABZORB Technology

The ABZORB’s story began in the early 90s. Already a dominant force in athletic shoe manufacturing, New Balance aspired to re-engineer the concept of cushioning. Conscious of the constraints of current technologies, the brand’s skilled designers and thinkers embarked on a mission to innovate.

ABZORB’s inception wasn’t just by chance; it was born from in-depth research and meticulous testing. The core challenge it sought to overcome was the age-old conundrum for athletes: finding the equilibrium between cushioning that was too yielding, inducing wobble, and that which was excessively rigid, leading to unease. ABZORB adeptly bridged this gap, setting new benchmarks in the process.

Upon its debut in New Balance’s premium lines, the reception was overwhelming. Both experienced sportspeople and regular wearers rapidly recognised the ease and longevity it provided, solidly securing its spot among the leading innovators in shoe technology.

How does New Balance ABZORB Cushioning Technology Work?

While regular foams can lose shape after multiple impacts, the mix used in ABZORB ensures it remains consistent. As one walks or runs, instead of directing the impact force upwards, this technology spreads it sideways, thereby lessening the strain on the joints.

Delving into its structure, the specific combination in ABZORB is crafted to stand up against constant compression. This means that no matter the rigor of the activity, the support remains steady and reliable.

The genuine difference it makes becomes clear from the remarks of long-distance runners. Numerous individuals mention a distinct decline in fatigue upon switching to shoes fortified with ABZORB, emphasising its essential role in athletics and workouts.

Key Features of the New Balance ABZORB Technology

  • Optimal Shock Dispersion: Expertly designed to distribute shocks evenly, minimising peak forces on the body.
  • Durability: Its unique blend ensures longevity, resisting wear and tear even under strenuous use.
  • Consistent Performance: Unlike some materials that degrade over time, ABZORB maintains its cushioning prowess throughout its lifespan.
  • Versatility: Integrated seamlessly in various New Balance models, catering to both athletes and casual wearers.

Comparison: ABZORB vs React vs Boost

Grasping the intricacies of trainer technology is vital for runners and everyday enthusiasts alike. The market is saturated with advanced cushioning systems, making it a challenge to choose. Let’s look at a comprehensive examination of three standout technologies: New Balance’s ABZORB, Nike’s React, and Adidas’s Boost.

ABZORB by New Balance

Material: ABZORB is formulated using a combination of isoprene rubber and proprietary foam materials. This unique blend allows for effective shock absorption and dispersion.

Performance: Many users have observed that shoes incorporating ABZORB technology tend to offer a balanced mix of comfort and stability. They can withstand the rigours of long runs, and there’s a marked reduction in leg fatigue.

Design: ABZORB tends to be visibly present in the midsole, often distinguishable by its distinctive colouring and structure.

React by Nike

Material: React is fashioned from a synthetic rubber blend. Produced after years of rigorous research, Nike was able to come up with a foam that is light, long-lasting, and reactive.

Performance: Nike’s React technology is known for its bouncy feel. It returns energy to the runner, which can be particularly useful for those aiming for speed. The foam adapts to one’s foot, giving a sensation of running on a soft, springy surface.

Design: React usually has a sleeker look, matching Nike’s modern design aesthetics. It’s often integrated into the design in a way that complements the overall sneaker’s silhouette.

Boost by Adidas

Material: Boost technology employs thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) capsules, moulded together to form the shoe’s cushioning. This approach lends Boost its signature ‘cloud-like’ feel.

Performance: Runners frequently praise Boost for the unparalleled energy return it provides. It manages to be both supple and reactive, ideal for individuals seeking ease of wear without sacrificing efficacy.

Design: The unique pebbled texture of Boost midsoles, often in white, makes it immediately recognisable. The tech has become a hallmark of many premium Adidas trainers.

Although each technology delivers both comfort and efficiency, the selection typically hinges on individual tastes. ABZORB delivers steady shock absorption, React offers a springy rebound, and Boost promises a cloud-like cushion with high energy return. Factors like your running style, terrain, and even aesthetic preferences can influence which technology fits best.

Future of the ABZORB Technology

New Balance is not one to rest on its laurels. Even as ABZORB continues to win hearts, behind the scenes, the brand is tirelessly working on refining and evolving this tech. Upcoming versions can be expected to be better in both being lightweight and durable.

The aim is evident: to develop a cushioning mechanism that instantly tailors to the user’s requirements. Material science and biomechanics continue to progress, setting ABZORB on a path to further evolution.

The real excitement is in the merging of different fields of expertise. Imagine ABZORB cushioning combined with smart tech, offering real-time feedback on gait, pressure distribution, and more. The horizon looks promising.


In the vast expanse of sneaker technologies, ABZORB has carved a niche for itself. The blend of comfort, durability, and effectiveness underscores New Balance’s commitment to innovation. As the future beckons, with its promise of even more advanced iterations, one thing remains clear: ABZORB will continue to be a lynchpin in the world of athletic footwear.

For the discerning athlete or the everyday walker, the nuanced brilliance of ABZORB cushioning isn’t just a feature – it’s a game-changer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my New Balance shoes with ABZORB?

Proper maintenance can extend their life. Avoid excessive wet conditions and allow them to dry naturally if damp.

Can ABZORB cushioning degrade over time?

All materials have a lifespan, but ABZORB is designed for longevity and consistent performance.

Is ABZORB suitable for all types of activities?

Primarily designed for running, its benefits are appreciated across various athletic activities.

How does ABZORB differ from other New Balance technologies?

While New Balance has various cushioning techs, ABZORB’s unique blend ensures optimal shock dispersion and durability.

Can I replace the ABZORB insole in my shoes?

Yes, many New Balance models allow for insole replacement. Always opt for official replacements for the best experience.