How Does The Nike Air Max SC Fit? Are They True To Size?

Over the last few years we’ve seen a resurgence of the classic Air Max 90s golden era aesthetic through the likes of the Air Max Excee, the Air Max Dawn and the Air Max 200. One of Nike’s most recent Air Max general releases, the Nike Air Max SC has gained a lot of attention, due to it’s roots staying true to some of the most respected early silhouettes. Inspired by the Air Max 1, the Nike Air Max SC it may be the perfect general release, every-day trainer for casual wear.

In this article, we’ll discuss how the Nike Air Max SC fits; and how it compares to other iconic shoes such as the Nike Air Max 1 and Nike Air Max 90. Let’s take a deeper look!

A Short Nike Air Max SC Review

At first glance, you can immediately tell that the Nike Air Max SC has borrowed the design DNA from the Nike Air Max 1. Just like early Air Max models, the Air Max SC has a very recognisable foam midsole and visible Air unit in the heel setup. Fans of the Nike Air Max 1 and the AM90 will draw an immediate similarities.

When you compare the materials of the Nike Air Max SC and Air Max 1, there are a number of shared design choices. s. Mesh make up the base of the upper on both; there’s the most obvious design in the form of the mudguard on the lower panel; and leather reinforcements on the midfoot and heel areas.

Another Air Max 1 resemblance can be seen on the shape of the mudguard. Anyone who’s spent time looking at the side profile of the AM1 will note the shape is highly recognisable, especially on the forefoot section.

Introduced in 2021, the Nike Air Max SC joins the likes of the Air Max Excee and Air Max Dawn as alternative, more available Air Max model. Unlike the Air Max 1 which today usually launch exclusively through raffles, the Air Max SC has a wide release and can be found across a number of retailers like Nike UK or Schuh.

Does the Air Max SC fit true to size? 

Considering the Nike Air Max SC is inspired by some of the pioneers of Air Max, the shoe fits how you would expect, true-to-size. Because of the shoe’s wide base, these are also perfect for those with wide feet.Those with narrow feet can either go true to size or take a half size smaller to achieve the perfect fit.

To size up Air Max SC correctly you can go by any other Air Max size and use this as a guideline.

There’s some wiggle room in the toe, but those with narrow feet don’t have to worry as the padded heel area hugs the foot well and secures the fit. 

Feedback from the sneaker community have praised the Air Max SC for its impressive fit; some even considering them to fit better than the Nike Air Max 1 and Nike Air Max 90, two of the most iconic shoes under the Air Max umbrella.

How does the Nike Air Max SC fit compared to other Nike Styles?

Running shoes usually fit narrow and pose problems to wide footers. But since the Nike Air Max SC is categorised as a lifestyle shoe, it caters to a lot of foot shapes and sizes. You can easily notice how wide the forefoot is, making up for reliable stability on uneven grounds.

This vastly improves the fit from the midfoot to the toe, something that some Nike running trainers lack. The fit can be compared to Nike’s basketball shoes. These athletic shoes feature a wide base specifically on the front section for stability. 

How does the Nike Air Max SC fit compared to Nike Air Max 90?

The aesthetics of the Air Max 90 and the Air Max SC share some instantly recognisable features, howeer the fit may feel different. While the two trainers run true to size, the width of the Air Max SC is slightly wider compared to the Nike Air Max 90

The Nike Air Max SC may feel a little snug because of the materials surrounding the midfoot; all that TPU and leather overlays locks down the foot inside the shoe to prevent heel slips and sloppy footwork.

How does the Nike Air Max SC fit compared to Nike Air Max 1?

Despite sharing a similar mudguard design, the fit will depend on your foot. Wide footers will feel a little tight when going true to size on the Nike Air Max 1, they can either stay true to size or go a half size bigger. On the other hand, narrow footers can stick to their usual size.

This is what changes on the Nike Air Max SC’s fit, wide footers will do just fine when sticking to their true size; while narrow footers can either stay true to size or go down half size.

If in doubt, we recomend sticking to your usual Air Max size.

How should I style the Air Max SC?

The Nike Air Max SC is nothing particularly new in terms of design, owing a lot of inspirations to classsic Air Mac pairs from the late 80s’s. You can easily look for style inspirations from the Nike Air Max 1 as the Nike Air Max SC is basically the lite version of the 1987 classic. If fit inspiration is what you are looking for, you can’t go wrong with the Air Max 1 and Nike Air Max 90, there are endless fit picks circulating Instagram / Pinterest for inspiration.

You can wear the Air Max SC with shorts for a quick and easy look as well as short leg pants to allow the whole shoe to remain visible.

You can also style them with ease with a cuffed joggers and a pair of high socks.

Is the Air Max SC a comfortable shoe?

Air Max technology has been around for decades now. While this shoe incorporates the old-school Air Max setup, its comfort is decent enough to keep you going all day thanks to the soft foam midsole and the visible bubble in the heel.

Where can I buy the Nike Air Max SC?

The Nike Air Max SC is available on the Nike UK website and through a number of other retailers. Only select colourways are available but stay tuned for upcoming releases in 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Nike Air Max SC come out?

While the release of the shoe didn’t have any big announcements, the Air Max SC came out in 2021.

How do Nike Air max SC fit?

This trainer fits true to size but has some space on the toe due to its wide base.

How do you lace Nike Air Max SC?

You can lace up the shoe nice and tight if you’re looking to do some workouts with the Air Max SC. For casual wear, you can tie them normally just like any other shoe.

What does Nike SC mean?

The SC stands for “Sports Classic”. It’s a fitting name for the shoe as the Air Max SC took design inspiration from classic Air Max models.

What kind of shoe is the Nike Air Max SC?

Although it does look sporty and is very suitable for running, the Nike Air Max SC is a lifestyle shoe. If you’re planning to do some serious distance we recommend looking elsewhere in the Nike range as there are a number of better options for running. This shoe is great for casual use and for short workouts, though!