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Drop Date: 09/01/2023

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Style: 1500

RRP: £ 180

Colourway: Grey/Tan

Style Code: M1500PGL

The New Balance 1500 Made In England “Classic Pack – Grey” M1500PGL showcases a striking balance of style and functionality, a hallmark of New Balance’s craftsmanship. It’s a design element that not only elevates the shoe’s look but also ensures it stands the test of time.


Underneath the luxe suede, mesh underlays are thoughtfully added to bring breathability to the design. This is especially useful for those long days on your feet, keeping them cool and comfortable. It’s a practical feature that doesn’t compromise the shoe’s overall style.


At the heart of the M1500’s design is the ENCAP® midsole technology. This isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about performance. ENCAP® combines a supportive rim with a soft core, offering a balance of stability and cushioning that’s hard to beat. It’s a nod to New Balance’s roots in crafting shoes for serious runners, bringing a piece of athletic history into everyday streetwear.


Completing the design is a durable rubber outsole, providing the grip and stability you need, whether you’re navigating city streets or on a casual jog. It’s a functional aspect that complements the shoe’s refined look.


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