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Drop Date: 23/07/2023

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Brand: 9060

RRP: £ 159

Colourway: Black/Sea Salt/Brighton Grey

Style Code: U9060HSD

Introducing the New Balance 9060 “Suede Pack – Black” U9060HSD, which showcases a versatile range of textures, quickly explored and inspired by the Y2K era. The model now includes the dominant use of hairy pony-like suede, adding yet another textile to its growing list of installations.


The 9060 model is a contemporary rendition that transforms the sophisticated style and revolutionary design exemplified in the renowned 99X series, known for creating some of New Balance’s most iconic shoe models. Taking inspiration from the futuristic and visible technical aspects of the new millennium, the 9060 reinterprets the timeless characteristics present in classic 99X models. The New Balance U9060HSD design features distinctive wavy lines and an oversized midsole with pods, seamlessly carrying forward the legacy of acclaimed technologies like ABZORB and SBS. This evolution results in a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation, paying tribute to New Balance’s illustrious history while embracing the advancements of the present era. With its streamlined silhouette and contemporary aesthetics, the 9060 serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional performance and style.

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