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Drop Date: 16/08/2023

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Style: 9060

RRP: £ 160

Colourway: Black

Style Code: U9060BPM

New Balance is gearing up to expand its lineup with a fresh interpretation of the 9060 design. They’ve unveiled a captivating rendition of the shoe crafted from black suede, presenting it in a triple black colour palette under the style code U9060BPM. This recent release focuses on capturing the allure of intricate craftsmanship by artfully blending subtle variations of black tones through different materials. It underscores the concept that even within a monochromatic spectrum, there exists ample room for individuality and fascination. At first glance, the sneaker emanates a sophisticated black aesthetic. However, upon closer observation, New Balance’s adept utilization of nuanced black shades becomes apparent, resulting in a spellbinding visual encounter.


The mesh upper presents a slightly softer dark charcoal hue, creating a harmonious interplay with the deeper jet-black suede overlays. The recognizable “N” motifs of the New Balance logo on the midfoot adopt a lighter shade, closely resembling the understated tones of the sole units below. This seamless tonal connection effectively bridges the upper and the outsole, thereby further elevating the shoe’s sleek visual appeal. Amidst the prevalence of noir elements, the U9060BPM confidently incorporates a touch of colour experimentation. Subtle shifts in shade become noticeable on the heel clips, introducing a discreet hint of blackened-blue tint that flawlessly complements the overall design.



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