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Drop Date: 08/09/2023

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Brand: 991

RRP: £ 220

Colourway: Grey

Style Code: M991PRT

The New Balance 991 Made in England “Washed Grey” M991PRT sneaker pays tribute to the brand’s enduring reputation for crafting timeless and vintage-inspired footwear. This particular model goes beyond simply reflecting that legacy; it deliberately creates a weathered, pre-distressed appearance, adding character to the shoe and making it appear as if it has experienced countless adventures. This unique design choice resonates strongly with fans of vintage aesthetics.


Visually, the sneaker impresses with a well-balanced blend of Grey, White, and Black tones that give it an understated yet eye-catching look. Its construction thoughtfully combines materials, including a mesh base for breathability, pigskin suede overlays for texture and durability, and leather accents for a touch of luxury. The Grey suede overlays, in particular, feature a washed finish, contributing to the vintage charm and giving them a distinctive, well-worn appearance.


To enhance its appeal further, the shoe incorporates leather elements on the tongues, overlays, and the iconic “N” logos, all of which sport reflective 3M detailing. This not only elevates the sneaker’s visual appeal but also serves a practical purpose by ensuring visibility in low-light conditions.


Beneath the surface, the New Balance 991 prioritizes comfort and performance. It boasts a classic ABZORB midsole renowned for its exceptional cushioning, delivering a comfortable and supportive walking or running experience. The outsole, featuring a Black and Grey color scheme, not only complements the overall design but also offers reliable traction on various surfaces.


In summary, the New Balance 991 Made in England “Washed Grey” M991PRT isn’t just another sneaker; it’s a testament to New Balance’s dedication to quality, heritage, and style. Its intentionally vintage appearance, combined with premium materials and thoughtful design, makes it a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of fashion and function. Whether you appreciate retro aesthetics or simply desire a well-crafted sneaker, the M991PRT is sure to captivate you and become a standout addition to your footwear collection.



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