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Drop Date: 05/01/2022

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Brand: Blazer

RRP: £ 84.95

Colourway: White/Black

Style Code: DN2158-101

The latest rendition of the new Blazer 77 Jumbo model gets a low-top version! This Nike Blazer Low ’77 Jumbo “White / Black” arrives in a pre-distressed look. Highly similar to the late and great Virgil Abloh’s Off-White; except without the OW branding and signature zip ties. Another best-selling model among Nike Sportswear selections.


Nike saw how smooth and streamlined the Nike Blazer is, so they decided to mix things up a little bit. With oversized Swooshes, exposed stitching, overlapping layers, and exposed foam on the tongue, the Blazer Low ’77 Jumbo is different. One might really even say that it’s one of the latest Nike x Off-White releases because of the similarities.


First introduced in 1972, the Nike Blazer came out as high-top called the Nike Blazer Mid. As a basketball shoe, it helped provide a better fit and improved support for hoops athletes. Eventually, some players wanted a less restrictive sneaker – so Nike released the Nike Blazer Low; removing all that thick padding around the ankle.


As new basketball technology arrived, the Nike Blazer Low saw a new lease on life as a lifestyle shoe and a skateboard shoe. Nike then launched the transformed Nike SB Blazer in 2005. Just like the Dunks, the Nike Blazers were an instant hit to a wide range of demographics.


For 2021, Nike introduced the Nike Blazer Jumbo. And this Nike Blazer Low ’77 Jumbo “White / Black” is the launch colourway.


Featuring a leather body, the exaggerated eyestays and exposed foam on the tongue adorn the shoe. The oversized Swoosh overlaps onto the midsole and the heel panel, bringing that Jumbo term to life.


Suede materials cover the toe where exposed stitching looks reminiscent of Off-White Blazers, suede also appears on the heel panel.


The rubber cupsole and outsole remain true to form with herringbone patterns providing a good consistent grip.


Launched in early January 2022, expect multiple restocks throughout the next few months as the shoe becomes a best-seller.


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