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Drop Date: 08/08/2023

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RRP: £ 82.95

Colourway: Mica Green/Emerald Rise

Style Code: DM0821-301

The Nike Juniper Trail 2 in Emerald Green is a trail running shoe designed to cater to outdoor enthusiasts in search of comfort, durability, and dependable traction on rugged terrains. This shoe is an integral component of Nike’s trail running lineup, meticulously crafted to excel on uneven paths and amidst natural landscapes. The shoe boasts a captivating colourway known as Mica Green and Emerald Rise, showcasing dynamic shades of green and brown.


Engineered to navigate through earthy terrains and uncharted paths, the Nike Juniper Trail 2 is versatile, catering to both leisurely trail runners and dedicated outdoor athletes. It provides steadfast traction, ensuring stability as you navigate your chosen route.


The design of the shoe incorporates various elements that contribute to an assuredly comfortable and secure fit. This empowers you to boldly take on trails of varying intensities, emboldened by the confidence in your footwear.



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