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Drop Date: 18/09/2023

4 / 5 1 VOTES

Style: Motiva

RRP: £ 99.95

Colourway: Black/Metallic Gold/White/Fireberry

Style Code: DV1238-005

The WMNS Nike Motiva in the stunning “Fireberry” colourway is the perfect choice for those who want to tackle their day with comfort and style. Designed to accommodate your daily activities at your own pace, this shoe features a unique patterned outsole and an exaggerated rocker that work together to deliver an incredibly smooth, cushioned, and comfortable ride. Whether you’re walking, jogging, or running, the Nike Motiva ensures that each step is a pleasure.


The Comfortgroove innovation, with its distinct outsole pattern, adds an extra layer of softness to your stride while effectively absorbing any bumps along the way. This results in a piston-like effect that allows the foam to compress further, providing additional cushioning with every step. The exaggerated rocker on the outsole propels you forward, making your movements exceptionally smooth.


Durability and traction are guaranteed with the generative outsole pattern, making the Nike Motiva a reliable companion for your active lifestyle. The shoe’s features also include a soft foam waterfall collar that embraces your ankle and heel for unmatched comfort, a 1/2 inner sleeve that simplifies putting on and taking off the shoe while minimizing friction, and a roomier forefoot, arch, and toe box for a comfortable fit during all your activities. Step confidently through your day with the WMNS Nike Motiva in “Fireberry,” knowing that you have the support and comfort you need for every move you make.


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