Are Supreme Air Forces Restocking? / Nike Air Force 1

When two titanic brands get together to collaborate on one of the most iconic shoes of all time, you know demand is going to be high. This is exactly what happened when Nike Air Force 1s announced a collaboration with the classic box-logoed giant that is Supreme. What came, as a result, was a collection of shoes known simply as the Nike X Supreme Air Force 1s.

These shoes showcased everything positive about both brands, with a clean white color combination mixed with the signature Supreme logo.

Those who were following the scene closely will remember these were actually quite an easy cop at retail, with a consistent delivery of restocks at first. The negative was that they are now much more difficult to source!

So let’s say you’re looking to get your hands on a pair of fresh Supreme Air Force 1s. Are there any still out there? If not, are they going to be restocking this product any time soon? If you’re wondering about these questions—don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’re going to take a quick look at Supreme Air Forces and see the options you have available to you.

What Are Supreme Air Forces?

Before we get into the potential restocking of Supreme Air Forces, let’s make sure we’re on the same page as to what this product is. 

Nike Air Forces have been around since 1982 and have been sold in a variety of different iterations, ranging from hightops all through different kinds of color combinations. These have since become known as a classic pair of shoes, with many people wearing them over the years—from celebrities to casual wearers on the street.

Supreme is a company that was popularized in the early 2010s as a premium brand. Supreme clothing is iconic and easily noticeable with its blank base colors and distinctive box SUPREME logo. Supreme has been considered a premium designer brand for quite some time, with fans paying outrageous prices for a simple t-shirt.

So then, in March 2020 the two brands united to pay homage to these classic sneakers—but with a new twist! Supreme Nike Air Forces took the low-top version of the original Air Force 1s and made it into a distinctive Supreme edition, with a white base color and the Supreme box logo at the back just under the Nike tick. 

Is There A Restock Of The Supreme Air Forces?

After the success of the Supreme Nike collab in March 2020, fans of both brands have had a hard time getting their hands on this classic pair of sneakers, with many turning to StockX or similar after-sale sites to source a pair. The price of Supreme Air Forces rose considerably in the time after 2020, although not to outrageous rates. At the time of posting you can currently cop a pair of Supreme Forces for around £140 here

Thankfully, the Fall/Winter previews of the Supreme 2022 collection announced a restock of the Supreme Nike Air Force 1s. Which means more availability on the market and lower prices.

Always shop around to make sure you’re getting fair prices, you shouldn’t have to pay upwards of £150 to £200 for this shoe. There are quite a lot of Supreme x Nike Air Force 1s out there in the world!

As of 2023, it’s unknown if there will be additional restocks of Supreme Air Forces in the future. The fact that they were restocked once two years after their initial release shows that there is still a lot of demand for the pair of shoes, however, it’s hard to tell if Supreme/Nike will launch another restock sometime in the near future.

Still, there should be plenty of Air Forces out there for you to find, even if you have to try to get a deadstock pair

Where Can I Get Supreme Air Forces?

You can get a pair of Supreme Air Force 1s from a variety of different after-sale retailers such as StockX. However, you’re going to want to verify that the place you’re looking at is selling authentic shoes—especially if you’re shopping online. Check out our article on StockX as an authentic source for deadstock sneakers to ease your concerns on this marketplace.

Common things to look for on fake pairs will be how the Nike swoosh looks on your sneaker or the positioning of the Nike / Supreme branding. You’ll also notice on a fake pair of Supreme Air Forces that they tend to have much less impressive stitching and this can be a big giveaway for a fake. If in doubt, stick to trusted resellers such as StockX.

You may also want to get a pair secondhand. This is a good choice if you don’t want to pay full price, or if you’re struggling to find a pair. As with official retailers, make sure you double-check the authenticity of a pair of shoes before committing to a purchase, as this will help you to avoid disappointment. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! The last restock of Supreme Air Force 1s happened in the Winter of 2022. Although it’s unknown whether or not they’re going to go forward with any further restocks, there should be enough Supreme Air Forces out there for you to get your hands on a pair—even if they’re a little more expensive than their original price point. 

We hope that this article has taught you everything you needed to know about the most recent restocks of Air Supreme Force 1s.

If you still have some questions, make sure to check out our short Frequently Asked Questions section below for some other questions about this topic! We wish you the best of luck on your sneaker journey and hope you land that pair of Supreme Air Forces soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do The Supreme Air Force 1s Come With Anything Good?

The Air Force 1s come boxed with an additional set of laces. The actual shoe includes a co-branded footbed and lace lock, a printed logo at the heel, and two distinct color choices. The white color is our personal pick, but the more popular option is the black, which tends to fetch a more expensive re-sell price. 

Why Is It Hard To Get the Supreme x Air Force 1s?

Supreme x Air Force 1s were very popular when they were released, so they sold out extremely fast despite a large amount of shoes being available . This is most because of the popular pairing between Supreme and Nike and the classic look of the shoe.