Jordan Luka 1

The Jordan Luka 1, marking Luka Dončić’s first signature sneaker with Jordan Brand, is engineered to support his dynamic style on the court. It’s a shoe designed not just for Dončić enthusiasts but for any athlete prioritizing speed, agility, and efficiency in their game.


At the heart of the Luka 1 is the new IsoPlate foot frame, a testament to Jordan Brand’s ongoing innovation. This system, evolving from the Flight Plate and Eclipse Plate technologies, is instrumental in stabilizing the foot during rapid directional changes, a common requirement in basketball.


Additionally, the Luka 1 debuts the full-length Formula 23 foam in its midsole. This lightweight, responsive foam not only exemplifies Nike’s commitment to sustainability but also delivers exceptional performance for lateral movements like step-backs and crossovers.


The shoe’s design also focuses on breathability and secure fit. The upper incorporates Flightwire cables, balancing firm foot containment with necessary ventilation, crucial for maintaining comfort during intense play.


The outsole is another standout feature. Crafted from translucent rubber with a multidirectional pattern, it ensures reliable traction for a variety of moves and quick pivots, particularly effective on indoor courts. For outdoor play, the shoe’s slightly broader design aids grip, although occasional wiping might be needed for maximum traction.


In essence, the Jordan Luka 1 is a multifaceted basketball shoe that caters to players who demand support, responsiveness, and agility. Whether used indoors or on outdoor courts, it stands out as a solid choice for players at any level, combining Jordan Brand’s latest tech with practical, game-ready design.

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