Wearing Sneakers With A Wedding Suit: The Ultimate Guide

Making the most of your favourite kicks at a wedding ceremony.

Suits and sneakers. This trend is sealing its place as a new fashion statement adopted by many like never before. However, before you go on to slip on that pair of kicks, either in the workplace or at a wedding (sidenote: always check the dress code beforehand), we will be discussing three types of sneakers that will have you looking fly. Box-fresh is the only way, strictly no beaters!

Adidas Superstar

Wearing sneakers at a wedding
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The Adidas Superstar has had hundreds of different editions since it’s debut on the basketball court in the late 1960’s. Coming in a wide variety of Men’s, women’s and kids editions, this shoe is a timeless classic. When talking about the best sneakers for a casual outing on the weekends, these bad boys come to mind. They are sleek, comfy and come with a touch of class.

Regardless of the occasion, the Adidas superstar are a great pick anytime. You can wear them with blazers or plain suit. Very versatile, they work with a range of colours and materials.


  • The Adidas Superstar creps are a strong cultural icon. 
  • They are classic collections which means they never go out of style.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • They are designed with a minimalist touch, with a below-ankle structure.
  • The Adidas Superstar comes in 20 unique editions.
  • These sneakers come in a stylish form with a polished embellishment.
  • Very affordable

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The Nike Blazer Low 

Wearing sneakers at a wedding

If you’re looking to spice up your outfit to a wedding with sneakers, then consider the Nike Blazer Low. With its simplistic but exquisite design, the Nike Blazer Low is suited to multiple occasions. from semi-formal occasions to streetwear and in combination with suits. Wearing this with a dark suit will make you stand out in the crowd.


  • The Nike Blazer Low sneakers are designed with comfort and reliability.
  • These creps come in several colour combinations making it easy to find matching footwear for your wedding outfit.
  • The shoes come in a simple yet striking design
  • With these shoes, you can go semiformal or completely dress down. This means the Nike Blazer Low sneakers are versatile and can be worn to multiple occasions.
  • You can also customise your own Nike Blazer low to suit your taste.

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Converse Jack Purcell Jack Leather Low Top

You can’t talk about all-time classics without mentioning Converse sneakers. The All-star edition has formed a critical part of urban and pop-culture for more than 80 years now. It’s a household name and is celebrated across different domains to include sports, music, and street fashion. These creps can easily be worn to weddings without any hassle. Its an ‘I do’ from us.


  • The good thing about the Converse Jack Purcell Jack Leather Low Top is that you can get them at different price levels.
  • They also come in different colour mixes.
  • It’s durable footwear that can be slipped on easily.
  • The Converse Jack Purcell Jack Leather Low Top is very easy to maintain because of the nice and strong leather exterior.
  • It’s highly customizable to fit your choice.
  • You can rock these sleek kicks with almost anything.

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Final Thoughts:

Sneakers and a suit? Here are a few golden rules you should aim for?

  • Pant Style: Should be a straight-cut pant and should be of ankle length (You can crop it below the ankle if you care).
  • Sneaker Colour: It is always good to go for plain white or grey-coloured sneakers. If going for a dark colour, make sure it has a white midsole.
  • Suit Style: Should be made of sleek, flexible fabric with a contemporary design.
  • Shoe Silhouette: Always keep to something smart and of ankle length. Avoid the bulky stuff since they might be hard to pull off.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it OK to wear sneakers to a wedding?

Yes, it is perfectly OK to wear sneakers to a wedding. The idea that wedding ceremonies require a more formal look is being challenged now and then. However, you should always check the dress code beforehand.

Do brides wear sneakers?

If Hailey Bieber did it, so can you. It is ultimately the brides choice, and with so many unique kicks around – why the hell not?!

What Sneakers should I wear to a Summer Wedding?

A pair of leather sneakers would do just fine for a summer wedding. Always go for something smart and light in weight. The colour white would also be the right fit for a summer wedding ceremony.

Can sneakers be formal?

In this case colourways are everything. Plain, nude or dark colours look much more polished and professional than brighter tones.