Which Nike Shoes Come With Velcro Straps? – Solved

Are you thinking of a specific Nike sneaker with a Velcro strap, but you can’t quite recall its name? Well, hopefully we can help as we’re going through some of the most popular Nike shoes with Velcro straps! We know it’s hard to remember every shoe you stumble upon, so hopefully this guide will help.

Below we’ve listed some of the key Jordan Brand and Nike silhouettes with Velcro straps. Chances are, one of these will be the pair you’re looking for. Without further ado, let’s check out some of the Nike shoes with Velcro straps!

Nike Air Trainer 1

An all-around classic that lives up to its name. The Nike Air Trainer 1 boasts heaps of nostalgia for many old school sneakerheads, first gracing the tennis courts back in 1987, before becoming a popular lifestyle shoe years later. The Air Trainer 1 had a massive year in 2021 through to 2022 where many OG styles were re-released. Not only this, we also saw collabs with Travis Scott, making this one of the most notable shoes with a velcro strap in recent years. The Air Trainer 1 is back and more popular than ever.

Travis Scott’s two-pack Nike Air Trainer 1 collab introduced the shoe to the new generation. We also saw the return of some OG Nike Air Trainer 1 colourways like the Air Trainer 1 Chlorophyll as the shoe celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2022. Now back in full form, we hope to see more fresh designs like the recent Air Trainer 1 SP “Coriander” as we head into 2023.

The velcro strap of the Nike Air Trainer 1 appears on the forefoot. This provides a consistent fit from heel to toe as the shoe serves different functions across various sports. An encapsulated Nike Air unit gives enough comfort and cushioning for all-day wear. 

In 2022, Nike introduced the Nike Air Trainer 1 SP. This version replaced the velcro strap on the forefoot with side-release buckle straps.

You can cop the Nike Air Trainer 1 in both OG and new colourways on the Nike UK website as well as StockX and END Clothing.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid

Without a doubt the most popular Nike shoe with a velcro strap has to be the timeless Nike Air Force 1 Mid. Whilst paling in popularity when compared to the Low version, the Mids are still extremely popular. if you’re a fan of ankle straps, this is definitely a strong contender! The Nike Air Force 1 Mid features velcro straps that wrap around the collar of the shoe, pulling in the foot for a snug fit.

If you’re curious why there are straps, the AF1 used to be a basketball shoe when it first came out in 1982. However, the Air Force 1 Mid came out a little later than the High and Low. So this is probably the middle ground as the AF1 Highs feel so much like a boot and the Lows lack a velcro strap.

If you’re wondering how the AF1 Mid feels on foot, it’s the same as the Lows but with a more secure fit with tons of support around the ankle and heel. The “Wheat” colourway is one of the most popular styles, especially when entering Autumn as these can double up as seasonal Winter boots. What’s also great is that these still have the comfy Nike Air unit encapsulated within the rubber cupsole!

If you’re looking for where to shop this silhouette. You can cop loads of styles of the Nike Air Force 1 Mid at the Nike website.

Air Jordan Legacy 312

The Air Jordan Legacy 312 is a lifestyle model from Jordan Brand inspired by Chicago’s 312 country code. Designed in collaboration with Don C, the Jordan Legacy 312 combines elements from the Air Jordan 1, 3, and Air Alpha Force Low. All three pairs were worn by Michael Jordan (yes, including the Alpha Force Low). The Velcro strap on this shoe appears on the forefoot, a design element taken from the Nike Air Alpha Force Low. 

Air Jordan 3’s visible Air unit also made its way to the shoe, providing that step-in comfort and instantly recognisable elephant print on the heel.

Available in High and Low versions, the Jordan Legacy 312 became a mainstay in the brand’s lifestyle catalogue. New colourways of the shoe have continued to hit the market since 2018, a testament to its popularity.

Looking for the Nike Legacy 312? We recommend shopping at the Nike website, StockX or Foot Locker.

Which other Nike shoes come with Velcro straps?

Nike Air Rift

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Nike KD 14

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Nike Kyrie 6

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Nike Air Yeezy

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Air Jordan 8 Retro

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Nike Metcon 7 FlyEase Training Shoe

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Air Jordan 1 FLyease

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What Nike pairs come with a Velcro Swoosh?

Customisable Swooshes allow you to change the Swoosh colour or theme depending on your preference (see also ‘How To Customise Air Force 1‘). Here are some Nike sneakers to feature velcro Swooshes. 

Nike Air Force 1 – Nike did not need to look far ahead to find a suitable sneaker to feature velcro Swooshes. Multiple AF1 Low colourways utilised detachable Swooshes that come in multiple colours. Hyped collabs such as the AF1 Low x Travis Scott in White and Sail colourways first come to mind. General release colourways also launched removable velcro Swooshes a few years back.

The AF1 is the most notable shoe with Velcro Swooshes as multiple colourways use this feature.

Nike SB Dunk High RX-0 “Gundam” – Just like the actual robotic figurines, the special SB Dunk High “Gundam” allows you to assemble and customise! Aside from extra patches and laces, the shoe features various velcro Swooshes with futuristic shapes for a more personalised Gundam look. 

Air Jordan 3 TH SP – Inspired by Tinker Hatfield’s original sketches of the iconic Air Jordan 3, this version notably features Swooshes on the sides. For a more personalised finish, the special-edition Air Jordan 3 includes various velcro Swooshes. There are four different Velcro Swooshes as part of the design aspects.

What are Nike shoes without laces called?

Nike shoes without laces usually vary in name. We can widely call laceless sneakers Slip-ons. But Nike’s new FlyEase technology also offers fully laceless and zipperless pairs. The Nike Go FlyEase is one of the notable laceless “hands-free” sneakers from the Swoosh brand. It makes wearing sneakers easier and more accessible thanks to a bi-stable hinge that “opens up” the shoe to slide your foot inside.

The Nike Glide FlyEase is another FlyEase lifestyle shoe with no laces and zippers. This pair features a soft collapsible heel area reinforced by a rubber heel counter to keep the structure intact. Slide your foot inside the shoe as the heel collapses, allowing you to put your foot inside easier.

How can I fix my velcro if it stops sticking?

Velcros losing their sticking ability is a huge problem for many, especially those who rely on straps to achieve the perfect fit. Luckily we can solve this problem with a few techniques. Take note, it depends on how long you’ve been wearing the shoe. Usually, old pairs with non-gripping Velcros require total replacement. There are some Velcro products you can buy on the market.

Another way suggested by the Velcro brand itself is to use a toothbrush to clear the hook-and-loop fasters of debris. Although this is only suitable for dirty fasteners, not worn ones.

Can I put velcro shoes in the washing machine?

Yes. As long as you do it the right way, your velcro shoes can be safe from possible damage when you machine wash them. You must make sure that hooks are strapped to the loops. It’s also recommended to put your shoes in a laundry bag and set the machine cycle to normal or low. 


Velcro sneakers on Nike shoes are put there for a specific purpose: to provide a lockdown fit. Velcro straps add support and stability to keep your foot in place when you manoeuvre through life. Whilst there are many Nike shoes with velcro straps, the most popular silhouettes are the Nike Air Force 1, the Jordan Legacy 312 and the Nike Air Trainer 1.

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