What Nike Shoes Can You Buy To Make You Look Taller And Give You Extra Height?

Have you ever wanted to feel taller than you actually are? Ever wanted to find that balance of style with a pair of creps that will elevate your height? No problem, this article is a list of the best Nike trainers that make you look and feel taller whilst maximising steez.

Nike Air Max 95

The Nike Air Max 95 is a very popular and a highly in demand shoe. This shoe was designed by Sergio Lozano as he was influenced by the outside scenery of his office. The unique design has multiple colourways to enhance and emphasize the function of this shoe.

This shoe adds an extra 1.4 inches of height! The Nike Air Max 95 was originally designed as a comfy crep fit for running. Therefore, the soles were designed a lot thicker than most other shoes in this category! 

Available at Foot Locker / Nike

Nike Air Max 270

Next on the list is the Nike Air Max 270 which is a very comfortable and appealing shoe due to their distinct design and wide range of different colourways. All of which makes them an aesthetically pleasing shoe, especially for running! This shoe has a big heel at 1.25 inches! This ensures complete comfort. It is one of the best shoes out there, helping you to look good and be comfortable while you workout. 

Available at Foot Locker / Nike

Nike Air Max 720 

Look no further than Nikes’ most sustainable shoe. They also take the title for the tallest heel, standing at 1.49 inches. If you want maximum height then the Air Max 720 is the shoe for you!

The original design and fantastic range of colourways are inspired by nature which can be seen across the various releases.

The air unit is made up of 75% recycled plastic to ensure maximum cushioning. Many sneakerheads have also mentioned how the design looks super futuristic.

Available at Foot Locker / Nike

Nike Air Max 90

The Nike Air Max 90 was inspired by the two iconic silhouettes, being the Air Max 1 and the Air max lights. The colourways of this shoe remain some of the best and most significant designs in over 30 years of production, making it the most recognizable shoes ever!

Now while this shoe is still very popular and recognizable it doesn’t add as much height as the other shoes do.

It only adds 1.2 inches of height. If you want to make yourself extra tall then this may not be the best option for you. 

Available at Foot Locker / Nike

Nike Shox

Shox was originally just a dream until it was made reality by the genius Eric Avar. This shoe has a big space theme and tons of futuristic elements. This is noticeable across various stunning colourways. 

This shoe was the beginning of mechanical cushioning and after the initial releases the shoes became a big hit. They have been followed up by plenty of sick releases since.

The shoe was designed with a large air system in the heel giving you 1.4 inches of height.

Available at Foot Locker / Nike


The VaporMax is a very popular shoe in the Nike lifestyle category. This amazing shoe features a sock like build and the air unit runs from heel to toe, making this shoe extremely comfortable and fashionable. 

This shoe is perfect for working out, not to mention everyday use. It also has over 30 colourways ranging from the vibrant ‘Be True’ VaporMax to the highly sought Clot x Nike VaporMax drop.

The air unit only adds 1.3 inches of height which isn’t as high as you might have thought!

Available at Foot Locker / Nike

Air Force 1

The Air Force 1 is the most recognizable and classical shoe in the Nike catalogue. This shoe has had over 100 designs to date. This beauty sells in bucket loads, making it one of the highest selling shoes of all time. 

This timeless shoe has been popular across many years, especially when it was first released in 1982. It quickly became a favourite to sneakerheads worldwide!

It’s also one of the cheapest high heat shoes around!

The thick sole of the Air force 1 does add height albeit not tonnes. It only adds 1.18 inches of height. 

Available at Foot Locker / Nike

Air Max 97

Released in 1997 this quick selling shoe worked its way up as one of Nike’s most loved. This shoe introduced a full air unit giving you an extra 1.2 inches of height. This full length air unit makes the shoe extremely pleasant to wear. It comes in a variety of different colourways so you can wear your creps for any occasion. The top selling colourway is the reflective Air Max 97. This unique shoe was inspired by Japanese Bullet trains, which we can see is incorporated into the design.

Available at Foot Locker / Nike

Jordan 1

Jordans are personally one of my favourites and have definitely become a favourite worldwide. Jordans have a huge variety of colourways, probably the most the shoe industry has ever seen.

Jordan 1s,  Jordan 3s, Jordan 4s, and Jordan 12 are some of the many other Jordans on the shelf. These shoes have become very popular within the younger community, it’s absolutely one of the top selling shoes ever.

Multiple colourways, unique designs, and the biggest collaboration with Micheal Jordan make it one of the most iconic shoes ever! 

This legendary shoe has seen a massive sales spike within the last year.

Depending on the type of Jordan the height increase varies. The Jordan 1 adds under an inch of height though!

For a bigger increase, the Jordan 4 and 11 provide 1.3 inches of height! Available at footlocker SHOP HERE.

Conclusion: Top 3 shoes for a maximum height increase

While many shoes increase height, these are the top three shoes to give that maximum height boost!

Coming in third place…   

3. Nike Air Max 270

 While this shoe doesn’t add the most height it stands in 3rd giving 1.25 inches of height!

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Coming in second place…  

2. Nike Air Max 95

This shoe provides 1.4 inches of height making it the second highest shoe to give maximum height!

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Coming in first place

1. Nike Air Max 720 

This shoe comes in first for giving the most height adding 1.49 inches of height

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Air Jordans make you taller?

There are so many Jordans to choose from and different Jordans give you different height boosts. If we are talking about Jordan 1s they add height, but not as much as other options. These only increase height by 0.8 inches so the height difference is not very noticeable. However, if we are talking about other Air Jordans such as Air Jordan 4 or 3 then these can provide more height as they have thicker soles than the Jordan 1. Alot of other Jordans such as the Max Aura, Jordan 11s, Jordan Reins have air units which give them more height than the rest.

Does Air Max 1 make you taller?

The Air Max 1 does increase height a fair bit! They have air units in the heel which increase your height. To be specific they add 1.34 inches of height. This is plenty higher than many shoes! 

Which Air Max gives the biggest height increase?

The biggest increase you can get from a shoe is 1.49 inches and this is from the Air Max 720. These shoes have the biggest air unit ever made, what’s great is they are built from sustainable material! They are made up of 75% recycled waste which makes the shoe environmentally-friendly. This could be very helpful for planet earth.

Which female shoes give the most added height? 

Females can wear the exact same shoes as men do with no issues. However, my suggested options for female shoes would be Air Forces or VapourMax’s. While Air Forces don’t provide much height they work well with everything and have a huge array of colourways. The height they do give doesn’t go unnoticed as 1.18 inches of height is a fair increase.

VaporMax are very trendy and in style right now, especially with women. The air unit gives them great height compared to many other shoes. They add 1.3 inches to you! 

Which non-Nike shoes give height?

Plenty of shoes give height no matter which brand. While sometimes the height change is not really noticeable and other times it is clearly visible. Your still adding height either way. If you’re looking for bigger changes, I suggest looking for air units or shoes with thicker soles. Here are some other popular brands that create amazing products and designs. Take a look at Adidas, Skechers, Converse, and Balenciaga.

Overall there are many shoes that add over 1 inch of height. While looking taller may not always matter to some people, for those looking for that extra boost bare this article in mind.