Ja 1

Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies basketball superstar, has signed with Nike as his preferred footwear brand, expressing his loyalty to the company from the beginning. Despite potential offers from other brands, Morant was steadfast in his choice. He signed with Nike prior to the 2019 NBA draft and has now become Nike Basketball’s first Gen Z signature athlete.

The Nike Ja 1, Morant’s first signature shoe, was unveiled in a promotional video featuring Morant and his daughter. Morant’s achievements in the NBA, such as Rookie of the Year and Most Improved Player, have positioned him as a leader on and off the court, and his collaboration with Nike solidifies his influence.

Scott Munson, Nike’s global vice president of men’s basketball, praised Morant’s leadership, humility, and team-first mentality, which align with the values of today’s basketball players. Morant’s personal journey, starting with his father’s influence, is reflected in the colorways of the Nike Ja 1. The “Day One” pair signifies his approach of treating each day as if it’s his first playing basketball and paying tribute to those who have supported him from the start.

Ben Nethongkome, Nike’s senior designer of performance basketball footwear, collaborated with Morant over 18 months to create the signature shoe. Unlike traditional designs built on previous iterations, the Ja 1 was developed from scratch to represent Morant’s energy and style both on and off the court. The shoe is intended to cross over into lifestyle wear, offering versatility beyond basketball.

The Nike Ja 1 is engineered to provide Morant with control and agility, featuring a low-cut, mesh-based upper with midfoot overlays for stability. Cushioning includes forefoot Zoom Air and a surrounding foam for comfort.

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